♾️ Tranche on Polygon L2

Tranche's AAVE L2 Polygon Implementation

Tranche is built on Ethereum, which is a decentralized protocol that currently has a few limitations in terms of scalability, speed, and cost. This affects Tranche by providing a barrier to entry for users because of high transaction fees, especially during network congestion times. Polygon (previously Matic) is a layer two solution that addresses these issues. By bridging tokens from the Ethereum to Polygon, users can transact at very low cost and at a very high speed.

Steps required to use Tranche on Polygon

The user journey is similar to the existing Tranche protocol one but with a few pre-requisites:

  1. Bridge tokens to the Polygon network using the Polygon Bridge: https://wallet.matic.network/bridge/

  2. Switch to the Polygon network when they are using the Tranche App from their wallet: Configuring Matic on Metamask

  3. Users can then deposit or withdraw from Tranches normally