Protocol Documentation

Getting familiar with the Tranche protocol

Tranche is a decentralized protocol for managing risk and maximizing returns. The protocol integrates with any interest accrual token, such as Compound's cTokens, AAVE's aTokens and Yearns strategies, to create two new interest-bearing instruments, one with a fixed-rate, Tranche A, and one with a variable rate, Tranche B.

What can I do on Tranche?

Tranche has three core modules: Tranche, Stake, and Vote.

Earning Yield by Depositing into Tranches

Users can deposit assets into Tranche A and receive a fixed-rate return, or deposit into Tranche B and receive variable returns that are higher than the underlying protocol.

See Tranche more information on depositing into Tranches.

Earning SLICE by Staking SLICE or SLICE-LP Tokens

SLICE holders and liquidity providers can lock-up their SLICE and SLICE-LP tokens to earn additional rewards distributed on weekly, monthly, bi-annual and annual schedules.

See Stake for more information on staking on the tranche platform.

Voting Using SLICE or SLICE-LP Tokens

SLICE holders dictate the direction of the protocol. Holders can vote on adjusting protocol parameters, introducing new pairs, integrating new protocols or allocating treasury funds.

For more informating on Tranche Governance see Vote.

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