🏦Tranche Treasury

Fee Collection & SLICE Distribution

The Tranche Treasury collects fees from platform users and converts these fees into SLICE tokens. These tokens are used to incentivize users across the platform.

SLICE Distribution

Tranche users are incentivized to use the platform by a supplemental APY paid in SLICE tokens. In addition, SLICE and SLICE-LP stakers are incentivized with SLICE on a weekly basis. These distributions are funded by the Treasury.

SLICE holders can vote on key parameters such as sliceRate (amount of SLICE distributed to tranche users) or stakingRewards(amount distrubuted in staking), to set the pace at which the Tranche Treasury rewards users and stakers.

Fee Collection & UniSwap Exchange

Tranche users incur a fee on withdrawing (0.5%). These are levied in the underlying digital asset (ETH, Dai, USDT, etc.). The Tranche Treasury aggregates these fees and exchanges them for SLICE on UniSwap. These tokens are then used for SLICE distributions.

Treasury Address

The Tranche Treasury was seeded with 3,000,000 SLICE.

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