Participate in SLICE & SLICE-LP Staking

To ensure liquidity and incentivize participation in governance and protocol utilization, three staking modules were introduced - SLICE staking, SLICE-ETH LP staking and SLICE-DAI LP staking. Users can stake any of the three tokens and receive SLICE rewards paid out weekly.

Getting SLICE-ETH LP and SLICE-DAI LP tokens on Uniswap

By providing SLICE and ETH or SLICE and DAI on Uniswap, you are providing liquidity for the respective trading pairs, allowing existing additional participants to smoothly interact with ecosystem. For this reason, we are rewarding users who stake SLICE LP tokens.

For a detailed guide on providing SLICE liquidity on Uniswap, read this article.

Staking SLICE or SLICE-LP tokens on Tranche

By providing SLICE-LP or SLICE tokens to staking pools, you are contributing to the safety and sustainability of the protocol.

To learn how to stake, watch the video below, or read the instructions that follow.

How to Stake Video Tutorial

How to Stake Tutorial

A. Setting up:

You need to have a MetaMask wallet to interact with this contract.

  1. Connect your Ethereum wallet

B. Depositing:

You can deposit SLICE or any of the SLICE-LP tokens through the app.

  1. Press on the “+” sign on the Staked Token card

  2. Press on the “Approve” button on the pop up that appears

  3. Enter the amount that you would like to deposit, and then press “Stake”

C. Claiming rewards:

After each epoch end, you will be allocated a reward for staking SLICE during that epoch. You can either claim your reward every week, or save on gas fees and do it once you are ready to withdraw.

  1. Go to the SLICE Rewards Accrued card and press “Claim”

  2. Select the pool you would like to claim the rewards to and click “Claim”

D. Withdrawing rewards:

You can withdraw your funds at any given point. To do so:

  1. Press on the “-” sign on the Staked Token card

  2. Enter the amount that you would like to withdraw, and then press “Stake”

What is Staking used for?

Tranche's staking modules serve two functionalities:

SLICE Staking - Backstop Module: In the event of protocol insolvency the staked SLICE acts as the protocols backstop module, preventing Tranche losses.

LP Staking - Liquidity Incentivization: To ensure constant liquidity in Uniswap Pools, LP staking incentivizing users to provide ETH, Dai and SLICE into Uniswap contracts.

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