📝SLICE Utility

SLICE utility in the Tranche Ecosystem

SLICE is utilized in the three main verticals of the Tranche ecosystem:

1- Staking

A. SLICE/ETH and SLICE/DAI on Uniswap

By providing SLICE/ETH and SLICE/DAI on Uniswap, you are providing liquidity for the respective trading pairs, allowing existing additional participants to smoothly interact with ecosystem.

B. SLICE-LP and SLICE on Tranche

By providing SLICE-LP or SLICE tokens directly to the protocol, you are contributing directly to the safety and the sustainability of the protocol, by improving the liquidity and token economics of the supply.

2- Governance

SLICE is a governance token that enables community members to have a say in the direction of the protocol and its funds. Proposals and voting will take place on https://snapshot.org/#/tranche.eth

3- Holding

As the ecosystem grows, simply holding SLICE will benefit holders as SLICE is acquired from Uniswap, and deposited into the Tranche Treasury.

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