🚰Token Supply & Vesting

Tranche Token (SLICE) Supply, Distribution & Addresses

Circulating Supply & Inflation‌

The current circulating supply is 16,919,343 SLICE. Every year, a portion of SLICE tokens will be distributed as part of the Rewards & Incentives mechanisms baked into the protocol.

In addition, the development allocation of 3,000,000 SLICE will be unlocked on a smart contract vesting schedule of 5 years ensuring circulating supply remains low while the protocol is built-out.

Finally, a 2% inflation mechanism has been built into the token, and can be activated by a Major Tranche Improvement Proposal (TRIP). This mechanism can only be called after epoch 1,640,957,914 (after 12/31/2021). Subsequently, the inflation "mint" function can only be called once every 365 days.

SLICE Team and Treasury Token Addresses

The following addresses correspond to treasury and team allocated addresses:

Tranche DAO Treasury

Address: 0x4632E2E1Ea012fD5d84804c3B36eC12560eCC0aA

Amount: 3,000,000 SLICE

Team Address 1

Address: 0xDf5df5Bd1975879B305322B03E210bF711cECbC0

Amount: 504,732.44 SLICE

Team Address 2

Address: 0xbf4FA14fa8b90E1b21788d3be0316ff2F56AA85d

Amount: 500,000 SLICE

Team Address 3

Address: 0xE9D3D5038630631BeB4cFAEde0F5dE1837C5A2e6

Amount: 500,000 SLICE

Team Address 4

Address: 0xddAD0490d024B5760eED7653e8Abd084E34dbC33

Amount: 500,000 SLICE

Team Address 5

Address: 0x70A721642763213be3E94c9db43E22a7d3fEb0A3

Amount: 575,924.44 SLICE

Team Address 6

Address : 0xC1711FFAba4766f6edC5740bb04b6eA68023e236

Amount: 500,000 SLICE

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