Tranche Finance

Tranche DAO

Autonomous Tranche Organization
The Tranche protocol is managed and governed by the Tranche DAO. The DAO has two main components - the Treasury and Governance Modules.

Tranche Treasury

Protocol’s fee collector and distributor. The Treasury allows $SLICE to act as a decentralized crypto-capital asset. Platform-generated fees are directed to the Treasury. Platform fees in ETH, Dai, USDT or other integrated digital assets could be converted into $SLICE using Uniswap pools. See Tranche Treasury for more information.

Governance Module

The voting mechanism on the tranche Protocol. This allows $SLICE holders to propose and vote on Tranche Improvement Proposals (TRIPs). See Governance & Voting for more information on using the Governance Module.

Backstop Module

In the event of extreme protocol insolvency, staked SLICE is used to cover protocol deficits. For this to materialize, Tranche B returns would be negative for an extended period of time and the community does not agree on a reduction in Tranche A fixed rates. In addition, a "bank-run" would need to occur in which all Tranche A and B holders withdraw their deposits, and the Treasury is completed depleted of all funds to cover these losses.